SEO Poker Tournament

What if there was a way for you to win $1,000,000 or more worth in quality inbound links?

Would you be interested? Would your clients be interested?

Because this, the 2nd SEO Poker Tournament, has the highest stakes imaginable in Search Engine Optimization, the Holy Grail of Ranking in Google, Yahoo, and MSN: Quality Inbound links with the anchor text of your choice.

There are many SEO factors that determine how well a page will rank: None are more important than quality inbound links. Instead of paying $100 to enter this SEO poker Tournament, you and every other player will ante quality inbound links. The winner of the tournament will receive all the links to their site with anchor text of their choice for a 1-year period.

Win Hundreds of Quality Links to Help You Rank

According to the Text Link ads Link Value Calculator, a home page link from SEO Black Hat is worth up to $2,354 per month or $28,248 per year. Imagine winning Hundreds of links to your website . . . just like that one! That’s what we are playing for in the 2nd SEO poker tournament.

The Tournament will be held on Saturday March 24th, 2007 at 9:00 PM GMT. The Format will be no limit Texas Hold’em at Full Tilt Poker

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$5,000 of FREE Cash Up for Grabs!

Our sponsor, Full Tilt Poker, has been gracious enough to put up $5000 in additional prizes that will be awarded to the runner up finishers. This cash prize is for participants that place lower than 1st but still in the top 10%.

To enter you need at least one site with a Homepage Google Page Rank of 4 or higher.

Buy in Ante is determined by this schedule:

Page Rank 4 Site: A sitewide link for 1 Year
Page Rank 5 Site: A homepage link for 1 year
Page Rank 6 Site: A Link From a Blog Post or Page on the site with a click distance from home page 2 or less. (i.e.: Home [click1] Page with link [click2] to target site.) for 1 year
Page Rank 7+ Site: A link from a Blog Post or Page on site with a click distance from the home page of 3 or less (i.e.: Home [Click1] About [click2] Friends [click3 is link to target site]) for 1 year.

*The links cannot be “nofollow” and there can be nothing telling the search engines not to index the link (such as disallowing robots or index=none)

** The link must be visible and in the same style as the other links on the page / site.

*** No porn or Pill sites. Some other sites may be disallowed at our sole discretion.

You only need to ante / buyin once and you are qualified to play for the entire tournament

The site you ante the link(s) from must be the same site that will receive the links if you win. That means you cannot ante links from one site and choose to receive the links on another.

Here's How to Enter

1. Register for Free Full Tilt Poker Account

2. Link to this announcement from the site you want to enter with. The URL to link to is:

The Easiest way to do this is with a blog post that says something like: “I will be playing in the SEO Poker Tournament on Saturday March 24th at 9:00 PM GMT.“ This verification URL will prove that you have the power to create links on the site and will help raise awareness for the tournament. The more people that enter, the more links go to the winner.

3. Fill out the form below:
a. Enter Your Full Tilt Poker Username
b. Enter the site with a Home Page Rank 4 or higher that you own and are anteing a link from.
c. Choose the target URL should you win (must be on same site you ante from
d. Choose the Anchor Text that you want (Up to 30 Characters)
e. Enter the Verification URL that proves you own the site.

Enter Your Full Tilt Poker Username:   
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Enter Your Email Address:   
Enter Ante Site:
(see ante schedule above)
homepage Page Rank 4+   

You agree to link to the tournament winner for one year from this (your) site in accordance with the ante schedule.

Choose your target URL should you win:   

Choose the Anchor Text that you want for the links to your site should you win:

e.g. "Free Ringtone", "Mortgage Refinance", "SEO Consultant", "Handbags"

Enter the Verification URL:
(prove you own the site)

Link from your ante site to to prove you own the ante site.